The Disadvantages of Hardwired Alarm System

Last post we discussed the advantages and benefits of hard wired alarm systems for your home security. While there are many benefits, there are also some big disadvantages to these older alarm systems. Hardwired alarm systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past in the home security system industry. While once the top of the line option, today’s high tech wireless systems let you do so much more than hardwired systems ever could. Know the disadvantages of a hardwired alarm system so you don’t get stuck with a system that doesn’t do the things you expect.

Wireless Systems are Less Expensive Than Hardwired Systems

Wireless systems that you can pretty much plug in and use are significantly less expensive than comparable hardwired systems. These lightweight, easy to install home security options are much more affordable than their wired counterparts, making home security more accessible for all. A lower cost for home security ensures that more people will have the kind of protection they need.

Installation of Wireless Systems is Easier Than Hardwired Systems

While many wireless system providers offer installation of your home security system, other wireless systems are easy enough to install yourself. This is something that would be a huge undertaking, if not impossible with hardwired systems. You need basic understanding and experience with electronics in order to set up a hardwired alarm system. Because specialized knowledge is required, manufacturers of hardwired alarm systems do not bother with providing instructions for the DIY enthusiast.

In addition, for those installing a hardwired system in an existing home, holes must be drilled for wires to pass creating mess, extra work and the risk of damaging hidden wires in your home. The alternative is to run wires along the walls of your home. Wireless systems mean you don’t have to worry about making holes in your walls or exposed ugly wires. The wireless system that can run from VoIP, Internet, GSM cellular, VHF or your telephone line work perfectly without all that mess and bother.

Wireless Systems Offer High Tech Features

Wireless home security systems offer you a variety of remote control features that you can use from anywhere in your home, in your yard or even on a computer or Internet enabled device half a world away. With the right options on your wireless system you can enjoy energy management options, home automation and live video feed, features typically not available with hardwired systems.

While wireless home security does indeed have its advantages, there are some disadvantages also. Hardwired alarm systems can outperform in many areas, but also have vulnerabilities like wires that can be cut to disrupt service and installation that can be inconvenient and costly. Choosing a hybrid security system that avails of features of both systems may be the best option for many homes today.

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