Hardwired Alarm System: Advantages & Benefits

Hardwired alarm systems used to be the gold standard in home security systems. However, today wireless alarm systems are rapidly taking over as the preferred choice for many. While there are many technological advances and advantages to wireless systems, there are also distinct advantages to the hardwired alarm system. Understanding these advantages and benefits will help you make the right choice for your home.

How Much do Hard Wired Alarm Systems Cost?

A hardwired alarm system is simply a home security system that is connected via wire to all its sensors throughout your home. This established technology costs less for the necessary equipment to set up your home security system. Maintenance on hardwired systems is also significantly less than with wireless sensors. Hardwired systems do not run on batteries like wireless systems, further reducing the cost of maintaining the system.

Best Security From Hardwired Systems

With a hardwired security system, you have greater security than with wireless system. Because the keypad and the alarm panel are separate in a hardwired system, you can install the alarm panel in a hidden area of your home, so that if the keypad is damaged or wires cut, the alarm panel still sends out a distress signal. With wireless systems, the all-in-one keypad/alarm panel makes it too easy to disrupt your security.

Hardwired Systems Are Good for Bigger Homes & Properties

If you have a large home or business to secure, hardwired alarm systems are your preferred choice. Wireless alarm systems often fail to transmit signals between sensors and the alarm panel if they are too far apart. Distance and other wireless signals can also compete to deliver a weak or non-existent signal.

If you can’t choose between hardwired or wireless system, take heart in the fact that there is a compromise. Many security companies offer a hybrid alarm system that has some parts of your home hardwired and other zones wireless. These systems bring the advantages of each system together for a reliable home security option that you will be able to easily put your trust in.

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